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All Through the House set to scare this Christmas


Writer-director Todd Nunes shows off his chops on the new horror-thriller All Through the House. It will be released through Monster Pictures on Blu-ray and DVD November 23 – just in time for Christmas.

The premise sees a deranged killer, costumed as Santa, leaving behind a bloody trail in a sleepy town. As the body count increases he works his way to the front steps of the town's most feared and notorious home. Rachel Kimmel, played by the director's sister Ashley Mary Nunes, returns home for the holidays just as the carnage begins. What is her connection to the old Garret house and why does it feel like the Santa-Slayer is stalking her?

With memorable supporting turns provided by Jessica Cameron and Melynda Kiring and slick cinematography from Ryan Anderson with bold special effects by Josh McCarron and Tommy Pietch, All Through the House makes a case for its admittance into the pantheon of Christmas slasher films.

“A wonderful mix of creepy weird and oddly dark comedic situations with some obvious nods to 1980s horror films such as the Burning, Friday the 13th and Silent Night, Bloody Night,” writes Raul Vantassle online at The Movie Sleuth. “It has to be considered the must see independent horror movie of the upcoming holiday season, delivering a dose of hilarity, beautiful babes, a high body count, and a bloody good time.”

“Yes, it's a dark horror film about brutal murders on Christmas,” notes Horror Society, “but it's also got enough cursing, dirty humour and nudity to reel in the younger demographic; although [sic] the older generation of horror viewers will get a kick out of it thanks to the many unpredictable twists and turns.”