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Alison Brie stars as guy magnet in new fantasy comedy


No Stranger Than Love, a new film released through Eagle Entertainment will get a DVD release October 10. Starring Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin and Colin Hanks, the quirky fantasy-comedy directed Nick Wernham comes from a screenplay by Steve Adams.

Art teacher Lucy Sherrington (Brie from the popular TV show Community) is admired by most of the men who live in her small Connecticut town. Polite, pretty and generally affable, she is hit on by other school teachers, students, the local sheriff's deputy and even the town drunk. Lucy, however, has decided to have an affair with the gym teacher Clint (Hanks), a married man. But when Clint becomes trapped in a one way inter-dimensional hole that opens up in Lucy's living room things are about to get weird.

Rydell (Chatwin) a representative from a family of bookmakers who Clint owes money turns up in town looking for him. He soon falls for the increasingly bewildered Lucy who can't comprehend how she became such a popular object of affection all the while trying to conceal the inter-dimensional hole and resolve more than one issue.

“Writer Steven Adams crafted a unique premise to convey his message on love,” notes Tim McMahon writing for the Movie Network.