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Drifter brings Mad Max intensity to small town horror siege


Accent Film will release the cannibal holocaust horror Drifter. Chris Von Hoffman's film will be made available on DVD October 19.

Two outlaw brothers on the run hole up in an outpost on the edge of a wasteland. There's something amiss with the desolate community. Soon they realise it is run by psychotic mayor whose extended family of inbred cannibals are running riot.

Trapped in the town Dominic and Miles Pierce endure a blood soaked odyssey in order to survive.

Written by Aria Emory and Hoffman, Drifter mixes parts of Mad Max with Wolf Creek and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The psychedelic imagery and visceral sense of urgency make Drifter a stylish low budget feature for fans of splatter, apocalyptic action and cannibals.

That should leave a few of us.