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Cannes hit Psycho Raman looks at a killer in the slums


Inspired by an infamous serial killer who admitted to murdering 41 people in Mumbai during the 1960s, Psycho Raman provides a modern day cat-and-mouse angle to its dramatization of the events that surround the deranged Raman Raghav. Monster Pictures is releasing the film on DVD September 21.

Raman is a destitute resident in one of the slums of Mumbai. He murders what will become the first of many victims with a metal pipe. He watches a drug-addicted young cop Raghavan himself a slayer of ladies in the romantic sense, steal from the victim and eventually commit a murder of his own. Soon the killer develops a strange fixation on the cop. Theirs, he believes, is a symbiotic relationship. Raman even takes to following the cop and sending him messages. Often they are bump into each other and with each encounter the tension mounts. Raman's goal eventually becomes clear: he wants to help Raghavan release his inner killer.

A dynamic footchase through the Mumbai slums is but one of many pleasures this moody crime thriller brings to the table. The cast includes Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vicky Kaushal and Sobhita Dhuliwala. The real star, however, might be director Anurag Kashyap who has, in previous work, displayed a keen eye for detail and a talent for creating smart crime thrillers.

Francis McKay writing in Flickhunter notes “Siddiqui commands the screen and his bi-play with Vicky Kaushal [sic] worth a look.”

Variety calls it a “luridly engrossing killer thriller.”