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Terrence Malick produced The Vessel on the way


Master filmmaker Terrence Malick, the director behind The Thin Red Line and Tree of Life has recently turned to producing films such as The Better Angels in which his long time editor A.J. Edwards was at the helm of the production.

The Vessel, also produced by Malick is directed by up and coming filmmaker Julio Quintana who served as a consultant on the “humanity unit” of Malick's To the Wonder. The plot concerns the aftermath of a tsunami which destroyed an elementary school with the children inside in a small Latin American village.

A young man begins building a mysterious structure out of the school's remains and in doing so ignites long buried passions among the community. The cast includes Lucas Quintana, Jacqueline Duprey, Aris Mejias and Martin Sheen in a commanding performance as the local priest.

The stunning imagery supplied by Benet Mari is reminiscent of Malick and the film's themes of faith, the absence of God and the nature of man living in disharmony with nature make it a powerful and visionary project. A haunting score is provided by Hanan Townshend who previously worked on Knight of Cups starring Christian Bale.

“Where did this film come from? It looks amazing” raves online media First Showing.

The Vessel debuts in Australia on DVD October 19 through Feature Films.