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Sci-fi thriller Kill Command delivers intense futuristic shoot em up


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the sci-fi action thriller Kill Command. The film will be out on DVD September 7. “The performances are cool,” writes Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian, “and the plot's a blast.”

In the dystopian future where Artificial Intelligence rules a society now almost solely reliant on technology man is pitted against killing machines. An elite army unit is dropped in by helicopter on a remote, off-the-grid island facility.

A simple training exercise for Captain Bukes (Thure Lindhardt) in which his hard-edged close-knit squad are to test some new weapon tech soon descends into a ferocious battle to the death when the marines discover the island is overrun by an enemy beyond reason and beyond evil.

Written and directed by Steven Gomez and starring Vanessa Kirby, Kill Command shifts into gear when the troops' century goes missing overnight and they locatge the corpse the next day in a killing field to which they have been lured.

Games Radar notes, “Steven Gomez's sci-fi thriller comes on like the ultimate James Cameron homage and fortunately, the retro vibe extends to the storytelling, which is a brisk and well-judged balance.”

Writing for Brit Flicks Ivo Bochenski observes “VFX whiz-kid Gomez succeeds where his peers often fail, and gives us an entertaining and exciting piece of future-tech gone wrong.”