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Archive for August 2016

Archive for August 2016

Cannes hit Psycho Raman looks at a killer in the slums +


Inspired by an infamous serial killer who admitted to murdering 41 people in Mumbai during the 1960s, Psycho Raman provides a modern day cat-and-mouse angle to its dramatization of the events that surround the deranged Raman Raghav. Monster Pictures is releasing the film on DVD September 21. Raman is a destitute ... more

Terrence Malick produced The Vessel on the way +


Master filmmaker Terrence Malick, the director behind The Thin Red Line and Tree of Life has recently turned to producing films such as The Better Angels in which his long time editor A.J. Edwards was at the helm of the production. The Vessel, also produced by Malick is directed by ... more

Alienated lives collide in searing Anesthesia +


An official selection at the Tribeca International Film Festival, Anesthesia tells the intersecting stories of a group of individuals after a violent mugging at Columbia University. Vendetta Films will release the film Real Movie News describes as “made with sincerity and heart” on DVD October 17. A snowy New York City ... more

Creepy anthology film Holidays challenges folklore +


Holidays, an anthology film of shorts from leading genre and horror filmmakers, is out on Blu-ray and DVD August 17. Rialto Entertainment will release the title ahead of Father's Day and Halloween. Speaking of which... Taking its cues from the iconic holidays many of us now organise our social lives around ... more

Sci-fi thriller Kill Command delivers intense futuristic shoot em up +


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the sci-fi action thriller Kill Command. The film will be out on DVD September 7. “The performances are cool,” writes Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian, “and the plot's a blast.” In the dystopian future where Artificial Intelligence rules a society now almost solely reliant on technology man ... more