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Lost in the Sun brings crime to an emotional road trip


Lost in the Sun, a road movie about a hardened criminal and an orphaned teenage boy, will receive a DVD release through Eagle Entertainment. Look for it August 24.

Drawing comparisons to Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World and the more recent Aaron Paul vehicle Hellion, Lost in the Sun explores the relationship of disaffected people trying to survive against a ruinous landscape in economic collapse. John is on the run from a past littered with poor choices and regrets. When he crosses paths with Louis, an abandoned adolescent in need of guidance and a father figure he agrees to take the latter to his grandmother's house.

This provides the background for a week long road trip across Texas. Soon Louis is an accomplice in a series of highway robberies. But as John's past catches up with him he must confront his many demons and take responsibility for his actions and the boy who now looks up to him.

Written and directed by first time feature filmmaker Trey Nelson, Lost in the Sun features Josh Duhamel (Transformers) in the lead role with Josh Wiggins providing able support as Louis. Essentially a two-hander the film is a nuanced character driven story of melancholy and redemption. Lynn Collins and Emma Fuhrmann also provide solid roles.

Cut Print Film notes, “the bond between the two leads grows and is believable thanks to great performances all around, Duhamel in particular.”

“Robert Barocci's cinematography captures the desolation of southern highways with static and grand vista shots,” writes Oktay Ege Kozak for indieWIRE, “worthy of the film his lens is clearly aping, The Coen Brothers' nihilist masterpiece No Country for Old Men.”