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Guns for Hire is a brooding crime caper with a twist


Eagle Entertainment will be releasing Guns For Hire on DVD. The crime-comedy starring Ben Mendelsohn, Orlando Jones, Michelle Hicks and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is out August 24.

Beatle (Hicks) is a moody loner who refuses to obey the social rules and laws. Her business cards read “Towing/Assassination”. She's even made a hitman infomercial for late night television. Her only human contact is with a shrink and the stripper cum hooker she pays as an employee once a week.

Her life is flipped on its head the evening she meets Athena (Ever Carradine), a suicidal blonde who is being pursued by a demented killer. What secret does she hide?

Written and directed by Donna Robinson, Guns For Hire is aimed at fans of The Whole Nine Yards and Hudson Hawk. Look out for a scene stealing cameo from Coen Bros. regular Tony Shaloub.

“The twist within a twist within a twist is done so well, I actually did not have a clue that it was coming,” writes Richard Axtell at online pop culture site Nerdly.