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Cat Sick Blues a bleak horror comedy for our times


Cat Sick Blues will be made available on DVD September 21. Monster Pictures is releasing the horror-comedy from director Dave Jackson.

The cast includes Matthew C. Vaughan, Shian Denovan, Rachel Rai and Hwee Hall. The plot concerns Ted (Vaughn) who suffers a breakdown after the recent death of his cat. Afflicted by a “complete mental detachment” he soon believes the only way to resurrect his feline friend is to sacrifice nine human lives. Yikes. After constructing a cat costume complete with mask and razor-sharp claws, Ted embarks on a killing spree.

To coincide with this he explores a twisted and bleak romance with a Claire (Denovan), a young woman, who too, is struggling to cope with the recent death of her own cat in a horrifying incident.

A unique movie experience destined for cult status, Cat Sick Blues has been called “disturbingly original” by Bryn Tilly in Cult Projections. Matt Boiselle writing in Dread Central notes “this movie takes on so much more than the after-effects of a paralysing passion.”

Less Lee More in Dirge Magazine calls it “culturally relevant” and observes “Cat Sick Blues performs one hell of a tightrope act.”

See it and make up your own mind.