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1974 grindhouse jewel resurfaces after 32 years


Ex Film is pleased to announce the release of Act of Vengeance. The rape-revenge exploitation classic is out on DVD and a limited edition VHS pack. The DVD will be available July 20.

One of the rarest titles in the Palace Explosive Videos range, this notorious grindhouse thriller from 1974 makes its return to Australia 32 years after it vanished under its original title, Rape Squad. Previously available worldwide as a DVD-R from MGM's Movies on Demand service, Act of Vengeance comes with a new video master, and a VHS-DVD combo limited to 100 copies.

Five women, all victims of the same maniacal attacker who wears a hockey mask and goes by the moniker of Jingle Bells, take the law into their own hands when the police work proves unsatisfactory. They get trained in karate and form an anti-rapist guerrilla unit. Soon they are on a vigilante quest to rid the city of its overflowing populace of creeps, scumbags and chauvinists.

Directed by Bob Kelljan (Scream Blacula Scream), Act of Vengeance is an early production from Buzz Feishtans who would go onto produce Total Recall and Die Hard.

This DVD edition includes an exclusive 30 minute interview with cast member Jennifer Lee Pryor, audio commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nichols (author of Rape-Revenge: A Case Study) and Zak Hepburn (Astor Theatre, Palace Films), theatrical and home video trailers, plus an extensive 48 page booklet featuring liner notes. Also included is theatrical art, drive-in ads, press kits, ad mats and production stills.

In Time Out the reviewer notes "the film boasts an interesting script (co-written by Betty Conklin) which puts the women's case more clearly and resonantly than you might expect, and entertains between times by building their sexual taunts somewhat in the style of a Shirelles chorus."

Thomas Duke writing for Cinema Gonzo notes "undoubtedly the most quotable rape movie ever made."