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Slumlord surveillance thriller will send slivers down your spine


Accent Film is pleased to announce the release of the surveillance thriller Slumlord. The feature film from director Victor Zarcoff, his first, will be out on DVD and VOD August 17.

Newlyweds Ryan (PJ McCabe) and heavily pregnant Claire (Brienne Moncrief) move into a big rental house in an affluent area of Escondido. Life is grand. They go about their daily rituals readying for the arrival of their firstborn unaware that they are being watched by their landlord who has the place installed with numerous high tech video cameras. Their every waking, sleeping and showering moment is there to be viewed. To complicate matters worse Ryan is having an affair with a co-worker Hannah (Sarah Baldwin) who is unaware of Claire's condition.

It's with the introduction of this third character that prompts the owner Gerald (a very unsettling Neville Archambault) to begin visiting the premises when the couple are away from home. The creepy distant view we have of their lives shifts in tone to something more visceral and invasive.

Dennis Harvey writing for Variety writes "Victor Zarcoff's debut feature nonetheless ratchets up a fair amount of suspense and intrigue."

Kat Hughes writing for Hollywood News notes, "Slumlord is a home invasion thriller with a new-millennia spin, one which will keep you up all night checking your house for secret cameras."