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Daring mystery retells haunting true life tale


Glass Doll Films will release Jeppe Ronde's 2015 Tribecca Film Festival winner Bridgend. The haunting award winning drama will be released on DVD August 17.

An uncompromising chronicle of a real life event in Wales, Bridgend highlights a generational schism between teenagers and their parents through the eyes of Sara and her father Dave, who has moved to Bridgend County where he has been posted as a policeman.

She soon finds immediate attraction with Jamie, one of the locals. Driven by desire Sara unwittingly enters into a dangerous world - a world Dave is at great pains to understand to stop the mysterious rash of suicides.

Between December 2007 and January 2012 the former coal-mining province of Bridgend County registered 79 suicides. Most of the victims were teenagers. No suicide notes were left behind. Ronde, a Danish documentary filmmaker, immersed himself in the area for the better part of six years, following around teenagers and based his script on their life stories for this his feature film debut.

Ronde intermingles among the cast trained actors with non-professional locals. Star turns are elicited from Hannah Murray, Josh O'Connor and Adrian Rawlins.

Rodrigo Perez writing in The Playlist notes a "sinister dread pules through Bridgend, one that is engrossing and terrifying."

Jared Mobarak raves in his review for The Film Stage. "There's a lot that I like about what Ronde has done here to create a mood piece that chills your bones as it crescendos into abstraction."