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AmStarDam provides the setting for a wild comedy


New British comedy AmStarDam will be available July 20. Vendetta Films will release the debut feature from sibling directors Lee and Wayne Lennox on DVD.

The stoner comedy combines magic-realism with '80s sensibilities. The Amsterdam adventure is premised on Jack (Jonathan Readwin), who arrives in the Netherlands capital to find his estranged hippie father (Sean Young) who runs an ailing marijuana coffee shop.

A chance, magical encounter provides Jack with a secret weapon to help save the business from falling into the hands of an evil creditor. To say much more would be to reveal too much about the zany, highly original coming-of-age adventure loosely based on the Grimm Brothers fairytale.

It's a feel good film with a winning cast that includes Alice Lowe, Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and Mr Nice himself Howard Marks
The Lennox Brothers have previously shot videos for Ellie Goulding and The Rolling Stones.