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Archive for June 2016

Archive for June 2016

Slumlord surveillance thriller will send slivers down your spine +


Accent Film is pleased to announce the release of the surveillance thriller Slumlord. The feature film from director Victor Zarcoff, his first, will be out on DVD and VOD August 17. Newlyweds Ryan (PJ McCabe) and heavily pregnant Claire (Brienne Moncrief) move into a big rental house in an affluent area ... more

Daring mystery retells haunting true life tale +


Glass Doll Films will release Jeppe Ronde's 2015 Tribecca Film Festival winner Bridgend. The haunting award winning drama will be released on DVD August 17. An uncompromising chronicle of a real life event in Wales, Bridgend highlights a generational schism between teenagers and their parents through the eyes of Sara ... more

AmStarDam provides the setting for a wild comedy +


New British comedy AmStarDam will be available July 20. Vendetta Films will release the debut feature from sibling directors Lee and Wayne Lennox on DVD. The stoner comedy combines magic-realism with '80s sensibilities. The Amsterdam adventure is premised on Jack (Jonathan Readwin), who arrives in the Netherlands capital to find his ... more