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Provocative black comedy Roommate Wanted out in July


Misery seeks company. So goes the tagline for the new situational black comedy Roommate Wanted, a Blu-ray and DVD release available July 20 from Mandala Films.

Janie (Alex Vega from Spy Kids) and Dee (Spencer Grammer) share an apartment. They don't share a lot else in common aside from a living space and bills. Janie is an ambitious student who has been accepted into an exclusive college. Only the scholarship only pays half the tuition fees. Dee is a gorgeous socialite who seemingly documents her every waking moment on social media while waiting to meet her future rich husband. Theirs is a relationship strictly of convenience.

When Janie learns she can earn $50,000 by selling her eggs to a fertility clinic Dee gets wind of it and decides to follow suit sparking a spiteful competition that turns into domestic all-out war. Soon family heirlooms, boyfriends, beloved pets are in the firing line. Nothing is off-limits as these two desperate, angry women go toe-to-toe and much worse.

Directed by Rob Margolies who elicits strong and wildly oscillating turns from the two leads perhaps to mirror the ever shifting mood in the battle zone of the apartment, Roommate Wanted is a volatile, wickedly funny look at modern values and lack thereof with strong contributions from supporting players Kathryn Morris (from TV's Cold Case) and Richard Riehle.

Nav Qateel writing for Influx Magazine notes Roommate Wanted "contains some wonderful performances and memorable scenes."

"Fans of dark comedies," raves Cinema Slasher "will undoubtedly appreciate the vibe of the film."