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Feature Films brings sci-fi Listening and Western Religion to July


Best friends David (Thomas Stroppel) and Ryan (Artie Ahr) are desperately broke Caltech grad students working away in a garage full of stolen computer equipment developing a machine designed to harness the inner thoughts of the human mind. Despite imminent foreclosure and eviction on their homes they are dedicated to the project in the hope that it will bring them fame and fortune. Feature Films is delivering Khalil Sullin's high concept sci-fi thriller Listening on Blu-ray and DVD. It will be available July 20.

Unable to overcome a technical hurdle the involvement of an attractive fellow student Jordan (Amber Marie Bollinger) provides the inspiration for a scientific breakthrough in which the device grants users telepathic access. But a secret government agency learns of its invention and swiftly moves to weaponise it leaving the friends divided as the dangerous ramifications soon manifest.
Frank Scheck writing for the Hollywood Reporter calls Listening, "a wildly imaginative and audacious feature debut."

Howard Feinstein of Filmmaker Magazine hails it as "unexpected and brilliantly executed."

Feature Films will also release on DVD Western Religion. Written and directed by James O'Brien the film set in 1879 brings together a motley collection of gunfighters, card sharps, gamblers and scam artists to the titular town for a no-holds barred poker tournament in which the souls of the players are up for grabs. There's a saloon girl, a Viennese lothario, a train robber turned preacher, a magician and an Arab Prince. This modern western plays with the genre tropes as it increasingly raises the stakes and pranking expectations as the body count rises.

"As a screenwriter, O'Brien deftly intertwines the lives and personalities of his blurring array of characters, avoiding clich├ęs, taking them in unexpected but convincing directions," notes Western Roundup