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The weird and wild story of Eadweard Muybridge comes to life


Feature Films will release the biopic Eadweard on DVD June 22. Directed by Canadian Kyle Rideout, who debuts with his first feature, the film dramatises the life and early fame of turn-of-the-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, more commonly acknowledged as the man who discovered motion capture photography.

Michael Eklund (Watchmen) stars as the real life artist whose famous Stanford Horse Gaits photographs would influence the evolution of photography and in the process cement Muybridge eventually as the "Godfather of Cinema". From initially using animals at a local zoo as his subjects his passion exploded and he soon began capturing nude men and women to much controversy.

His fame came at a price. His personal life is marked by betrayals and murder. He was the last American ever acquitted of justifiable homicide. The film makes his obsessions palpable and assures his legacy continues to astound cinematic historians around the world.

Friedly Kreuser writing in Stage Buddy calls it "a painstakingly beautiful portrait". Chris Knight writing in the National Post observes "Rideout's Eadweard features Michael Eklund in the title role, and he ably carries the movie on his shoulders. With his stopped posture and shock of white facial hair he looks like Nick Nolte's younger brother. He broods and paces, suggesting a man not quite in touch with his times, and one whose genius outpaced his social skills."