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Son of a gun delivers goods in Mercury Plains


Writer-director Charles Burmeister delivers Mercury Plains, an action vehicle for Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) who plays an American tourist stranded in Mexico. Eagle Entertainment will release it on DVD June 22.

Leaving his dead-end life in a go-nowhere town in Texas behind, Mitch (Eastwood) runs off south of the border where he comes into contact with a paramilitary group. The promise of good pay and a haven to hideout is an offer he finds difficult to refuse. Soon he proves himself to the group and joins their ranks to fight against drug cartels.

Groomed to become the outfit's top soldier Mitch learns of the covert work they do for the FBI and the spoils of money which the Captain (Nick Chinlund) has been keeping for himself. A growing attraction to the Captain's girlfriend (Angela Sarafyan) leaves Mitch to ponder the ulterior motives of the group and escape back into Texas.

A high octane action-drama with plenty of scene chewing performances, gun battles and great car stunts Mercury Plains makes for taut escapist fare and the able showcase of young Eastwood's talents as a leading man.