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Emily VanCamp delivers in impressive drama


The Girl in the Book, out through Vendetta Films, will receive a DVD release June 22. The film, from writer-director Marya Cohn, who makes her feature film debut, is set around the New York literary world and stars Emily VanCamp (TV's Revenge) in a breakout performance.

Alice Harvey (VanCamp) is the daughter of a powerful book agent. She is trapped in a job as a junior editor and lives a promiscuous life while suffering from writer's block. When she is asked to manage the re-release of a bestselling novel based on incidents on her own life the book's author re-enters her world and painful memories from the past soon resurface.

Jumping between her current life and the events of her adolescence that have had a lasting effect on her relationships with close friends and other men The Girl in the Book examines the events Alice has hidden to escape her growing despair as she tries to find her own voice and get on with being the person she once wanted to be.

Also starring Michael Nyqvist and Ana Mulvoy-Ten, The Girl in the Book was nominated for a US Fiction Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. VanCamp's performance has received glowing reviews.

Stephanie Merry for the Washington Post writes "As Alice, VanCamp is exceptional, eliciting our sympathy even when the character is making maddeningly self-destructive decisions."

Katie Walsh notes in the Playlist, "The Girl in the Book is an auspicious debut for Cohn, a showcase for VanCamp's true acting abilities, and a fascinating feminine story."