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New adventures in action on the way


Bounty Films in association with Gryphon Entertainment will release the explosive action drama Contract Killers. The film will receive a DVD release on May 18.

Directed by Matthew John Pearson, Contract Killers, an ode to John Woo, is a highly effective low budget film from New Zealand. The plot, in which a rookie government-funded hitman is double-crossed and soon the target of a veteran assassin, is secondary to the kinetic action sequences and balletic gunplay. It was written by Michael Yee and stars Richard Alexander, Dallas Barnett and Renee Cataldo.

Meanwhile Selina Chong Movies is releasing the action-comedy SuperBob. The set-up is a mild mannered postman from Peckham, South London is struck, several years ago, by a meteor and imbued with super powers. In the present Bob is an overworked, underappreciated civil servant for the government. He spends most of his time filling out forms and occasionally saving people. He is unfulfilled, lonely and loveless. After meeting a woman at the library he has a date to look forward to.

Director John Drever here adapts his own 2009 short film into a droll, amusing and heartfelt feature film. Brett Goldstein, Catherine Tate and Ruth Sheen all make amiable contributions to the cast. Mark Kermode reviewing the film in The Guardian calls it "inventively witty."

Kevin Maher in The Times describes SuperBob as "charmingly inventive."

The film will receive a DVD release also on May 18.