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Psychological character study Queen of Earth out in May


Accent Film is releasing the latest work from acclaimed director Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip). Queen of Earth, an enigmatic two-hander with psychological thriller undertones about former childhood friends who retreat to a lake house together, represents a bold change-up for the filmmaker. It will be available on DVD March 18.

Catherine (Elizabeth Moss in a revelatory performance) is dealing with a double blow. Her artist father has just committed suicide and her boyfriend has cheated on her during her time of mourning. She dumps the boyfriend and heads off to the family lake house of Virginia (Katherine Waterston from Inherent Vice) where she has fond memories from the previous year.

What promises to be a restful week of rest and recuperation turns sour when Virginia begins to probe the cracks of Catherine fragile psyche. Soon her casual partner Rich (Patrick Fugit), a neighbour, joins in with his own taunts to undermine the situation. The natural environment, which at first seemed so tranquil, takes on sinister characteristics just as Catherine begins to unravel.

Chuck Bowen writing in Slant noted, "Every beautiful, resonant image in writer-director Alex Ross Perry's film is fraught with neurotic, diaphanous riddles."

The Playlist commends the eerily portrayed and subversive nature of the friendship. "Perry's observations of complicated female dynamics are extremely perceptive and the emotional specificity of alienation, disenchantment, and mistrust is wonderfully precise."

Scott Foundas, with another rave review, finds pleasure in the film's ability to shapeshift. "An unnerving, acidly funny work that fosters an acute air of dread without ever fully announcing itself as a horror movie."