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Toni Collette delivers tour de force in Glassland


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the powerful British drama Glassland. The film is out this month on DVD April 20. It features Jay Reynor who is cast as John, a night shift taxi driver that lives in a public housing area with his alcoholic mother played by Toni Collette in a career performance.

With his mother constantly on his mind and during the late nights John exists in a kind of melancholy in-between world where waking life and dream meet. At the end of each shift he never knows what condition he will find Jean (Collette) when he returns home. A doctor, after her latest hospitalisation, informs John that if she doesn't quit drinking she will soon die.

With no insurance or savings John enters into an arrangement with a criminal to help pay for an expensive rehabilitation clinic. Jean, however, rejects her son's attempts to help her recover even as John becomes further compromised in his selfless, sacrificial act.
As the film progresses, the demons behind Jean's ongoing self-destruction are gradually revealed and secrets buried in the past are brought to light. Gerard Barrett's film hinges on the oscillating conditions of their turbulent relationship. The bleak suburban atmosphere on the outskirts of Dublin is depicted with muted evocation. This is an intimate look in at ravaged lives from the outside.

Sight and Sound magazine raves about Glassland noting "the weak northern light, the elliptical storytelling and, most of all, the stillness of the frame somehow allow a seemingly everyday story to radiate and reveal an inner life that's captivating and immersive in the way it combines expressive acuity with humane insight."
The Playlist observes, "it's more heart wrenching than many stylish and expensive prestige dramas."