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A Faster Horse explores the history of the Ford Mustang


Gryphon Entertainment is releasing the documentary A Faster Horse. The film directed by David Gelb was commissioned in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. It will be released on DVD May 18.

Mustang maintains a place in the public imagination for many reasons. Gelb wanted to explore its enduring legacy. "Everybody that I've talked to about this film has some kind of Mustang story," he said. "I'm fascinated by the relationship between a person and his/her car, and how the car can become a reflection of him/herself."

Back in 2011 Alessandro Uzielli, head of Ford Motor Company's Global Brand Entertainment approached the marketing leadership team at Ford with an idea for a feature-length documentary to celebrate the history of the iconic car. Gelb and his crew were given unparalleled access to the engineers, designers and assembly line to chart the genesis and manufacturing process of one of these vehicles. A Faster Horse follows the team entrusted with upholding the legacy of the brand in creating the 2015 model, 50 years on from original release while exploring the parallels that exist between past and present day.

The Mustang's astonishing history is told through a combination of rare archival footage with Henry Ford II, exclusive access inside Ford facilities and the personal stories of former and current Mustang designers, as well as passionate fans and collectors. The film also highlights the Mustang's role as a pop-culture icon from its inception. From Mustang clubs around the world, to the race tracks, and inner workings of an enormous automotive company, A Faster Horse chronicles everything it took to transform a small but courageous idea into an American legend.

Gelb who directed the acclaimed Jiro Dreams of Sushi shows off his versatility here and includes excerpts of Mustangs in Goldfinger, Bullitt and The Fast and the Furious.

Carlos Villalvilla writing in Cinema365 writes "this is a terrific documentary that is definitely worth your time to seek out and view."