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Single location psychological thriller Body brings the intensity


Body, a thriller directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, is out on Blu-ray and DVD April 20. The independent film from Monster Pictures features newcomers Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen and Lauren Molina as best friends who take off the night before Christmas to stay in a mansion owned by an out of town rich uncle.

When an uninvited guest interrupts their private party the trio is left to deal with a dead body and soon everyone is put to the test. The lean and tense scenario is heightened by several moral implications including a revelation that they have been lured to the house under a false pretense.

Not unlike Alfred Hitchcock's Rope the single location serves to confine the intensity.

Diabolique Magazine notes "this is a skilfully crafted, wickedly provocative morality thriller that hinges on the common movie question, 'what would you do?'"

Other reviewers have been quick to observe that each girl represents one of Sigmund Freud's models for the human psyche. And of course psychosis does underline the rapidly deteriorating events.

CutPrintFilm observes the film is "[b]olstered by great use of tight space and the three unique lead performances, Body surprises you in every sense of the word."