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Long awaited sequel to Rise of the Footsoldier out this May


A sequel to the home entertainment smash hit Rise of the Footsoldier will be released May 18. Rise of the Footsoldier Part II, written and directed by Ricci Harnett, will be available on Blu-ray and DVD through Feature Films.

The year is 1997. It's two years after the events of the infamous Range Rover Murders and Carlton Leach (Harnett), the sole survivor of the Essex Boys is on a one way ticket to oblivion. The world is changing around him but he is finding it hard fitting in. He runs the door at a nightclub which reflects a changing scene of harder drugs and different music. Carlton is doing too much blow and his violent temperament and paranoia are getting the best of his marriage. He is convinced out in the night someone's got a bullet with his name on it.

The underworld is playing catch up on the consumer demands for cocaine. Carlton, however, is better suited to hooliganism than it is political manoeuvring. Work is scarce and his reputation is deteriorating like his mind. When he is thrown a lifeline Carlton, working with his best mate the sadistic standover man Shawn (Luke Mably), goes on the straight and narrow and the film charts his true life transition from Inner City Firm ringleader to gangster. It's a violent curve.

The cast includes Johnny Palmiero Coralie Rose, Andy Linden and Steven Berkoff, each of whom makes an indelible impression. It's a profane, explosive and littered with macabre cockney humour. Britflicks calls Rise of the Footsoldier Part II "more grown up and certainly darker then the first film," and adds, "visually it looks stunning."

The film has also been nominated for six UK National Film Awards 2016.