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Iggy Pop stars in crime caper Blood Orange


Written and directed by Todd Tobias, Blood Orange tells a tale of jealousy and revenge. Eagle Entertainment will release the film on DVD April 20.

Set in Southern Spain Blood Orange locates ageing rock star Bill (Iggy Pop) and his gorgeous much younger unfaithful wife Isabelle (Kacey Clarke) leading an idyllic life in Ibiza. He hunts game; she sees other men. The house and glittering possessions have been built upon a secret. When Isabelle's ex-boyfriend storms into their lives hellbent on revenge and digging up the past a dangerous game of psychological warfare ensues. Roles are reversed and allegiances are tested. Ben Lamb (Divergent) and Antonio Magro (Titanic) both star.

Pop who has previously appeared in Coffee and Cigarettes and Tank Girl is "a revelation" according to Tobias who told Metro the "film really hinges on his character. He's the man with the plan and his combination of deep cool and natural charisma really shines through on camera."

The release of the film is set to coincide with Iggy Pop's 2016 world tour in May.