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Ozploitation on Blu-ray out through Glass Doll Films


Glass Doll Films is set to release a pair of rare horror gems in Thirst and Dead Kids on March 23. Both titles commonly associated with the Ozploitation movement will be available individually on Blu-ray.

Thirst stars Chantal Contouri as Kate, a career girl who is kidnapped by the Brotherhood, a decadent group of aristocrats, led by David Hemmings, that milk and feed on humans for their blood. Directed by Rod Hardy, Thirst according to TV Guide is an "intelligent, modern vampire take is given a serious treatment in this well-acted, technically superior production."

The Blu-ray comes with an audio commentary byHardy and producer Antony I. Ginnane, and includes an isolated Brian May score track.

"This film takes an intelligent and refreshing approach to the contemporary vampire genre," observes Mark Nichols writing for Digital Retribution. "It rejects the traditional concept of vampirism being a physical transformation of the flesh that can be conquered by religion and turns it into a state of mind."

Dead Kids, a slow-burn slasher flick with a surprise musical number, substitutes New Zealand locations for small town sleepy Illinois where experiments by a scientist on college undergraduates lead to a spate of murders. Cop John Brady (Michael Murphy of Woody Allen's Manhattan) soon connects the violent crimes but when his son volunteers for the experimental treatment the horror gets a little too close to home.

"Dead Kids is full of wondrous scene-by-scene oddities," writes Scott Tobias in The Dissolve, "including a boy-killer who wanders around in a Tor Johnson mask, a murder shown entirely through shadow-play, and best of all, an impromptu, choreographed dance sequence at a teenage costume party."

Special features on Dead Kids include an audio Commentary with Co-Writer Bill Condon (Chicago, Gods and Monsters) and actors Dan Shor and Dey Young. Director Michael Laughlin also provides a commentary, an isolated Music Track of Tangerine Dream's score and a featurette The Effects of Strange Behavior.