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Family ties with Wes Anderson touches


A slacker comedy with a strong pedigree, Two-Bit Waltz is the next DVD release from Bounty Films. It will be available March 23. Writer-director-star Clara Mamet, daughter of esteemed playwright and filmmaker David Mamet (State and Main, Redbelt), is Maude, a high school senior with problems.

The week leading up to her 18th birthday is something of an ordeal. Maude is in trouble at school and suspended. She is stranded by her best friend and soon dumped by her boyfriend. Then her grandmother dies. She stands to inherit a small fortune on the precondition she gets a tertiary education. Only Maude is resistant to college. She has a novel to write. So begins the eccentric and madcap interrelations of Maude and her wildly eccentric family. William H. Macy and her real life mum Rebecca Pidgeon are her parents

Robert Abele writing in the Los Angeles Times observes a correlation between Mamet's work with her father. He writes "she shows a certain linguistic tutelage: pointed dialogue, tart humour, the artfully placed profanity."

The Hollywood Reporter notes "the ever reliable Macy" and David "Paymer deliver amusingly deadpan performances."

Jared Gilman from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom also co-stars.