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Highly original New York comey Applesauce coming soon


Applesauce, written and directed by Onur Tukel, makes a case for being considered one of the most unique narrative feature films of 2016. Parts comedy, noir, horror and family melodrama the film out on DVD through Accent Film on March 23 looks at a pair of bickering married couples increasingly agitated with each other by revelations from the recent past.

Having premiered to raves at the Tribecca Film Festival Applesauce according to indieWIRE's Eric Kohn "is a comic time bomb prone to explode at any moment."

Ron Welz (Tukel) is goaded by a controversial radio host to share a story of the worst thing he has ever done and reveal it on air. He abides and in telling the story of when he accidentally sheared the fingers of a frat-boy at a college party leaving his wife in disbelief and close friends incredulous. No sooner following the revelation Ron begins receiving body parts in the mail and his life starts falling apart. There are eight million people in New York, and everyone's a suspect.

"Like an Ornette Coleman record, the unity comes from the disunity and spontaneity of non-harmonious elements blended together around a central theme," notes Nate Hood in Screen Comment. "In the case of Applesauce, that theme is perhaps the necessity of empathy."

Tukel who admits Woody Allen is one of his inspirations with his talented cast that includes Max Casella, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Jennifer Prediger and Dylan Baker, escalates the chaos in a world of post 9/11 paranoia. Kevin Rakestraw in Film Pulse agrees.

"Tuke's strong script, seamlessly shifting between a well-balanced mixture of genre elements, is amplified by the performances from the four principal cast members. The banter and bickering game between everyone is top-notch as tempers flare from infidelities, pissed-upon puppies and other, various annoyances."