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Legendary John Boorman returns with Queen and Country


Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker John Boorman, Queen and Country picks up Billy Rowan (Callum Turner), Boorman's alter ego, nine years on from the German Blitz and rubble of his 1987 drama Hope and Glory. Rialto Films releases the DVD on February 17.

An autobiographical sequel that explores the collateral damage war has on people and their communities, Queen and Country sets its events in 1952. The Korean War is in full swing. Bill, a burgeoning cinephile without a lick of interest in being forced to shoot at strangers several thousand miles away, is whiling away his youth on an idyllic UK island home he shares with his parents, knowing that it's only a matter of time before his conscription notice arrives.
At boot camp Bill meets Percy (Caleb Landry Jones).

The two troublemakers fast become friends as they do their best to avoid one war while grappling with the fallout from another. Instead of being shipped off to the frontlines they two pals are put in charge of a typing class. It's here Boorman begins exploring the generational differences and shifts in culture as young Elizabeth takes the thrown.

An exceptional cast has been assembled. It includes David Thewlis, Richard E. Grant, Vanessa Kirby, Tamsin Egerton and Patt Shortt. Scott Foundas in Variety notes Queen and Country, "remains a pleasure to spend time in the presence of these characters, and a third volume - perhaps focused on Bill's entrance into the British film industry - would hardly be unwelcome."

"Boorman approaches his story in the relaxed and generous manner of a raconteur," writes AO Scott in the New York Times, "charming the audience rather than pushing us through the machinery of a plot."

Winner Best Picture and Best Director at the California Independent Film Festival and Winner Best Original Score at the Irish Film and Television Awards Queen and Country marks the latest addition to Boorman's impressive body of work. His past achievements include the classics Point Blank, Deliverance, Zardoz, Excalibur and The General.