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Fan favourite Back to the Future celebrated in doco


Ever wanted to drive your own turbo charged DeLorean? You know the one with the scissor doors that time travels. Back in Time, directed by Jason Aron, is a documentary that aside from celebrating the legacy of the Back to the Future trilogy is a film for diehard fans so obsessed with the car they have since gone out and got themselves a replica model.

Back to the Future left an indelible impression when it first was released in 1985. Among other things it was a critical link between the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Back in Time explores the legacy of Back to the Future and its two highly successful sequels through the eyes of its fans and, more crucially, from the men and women who made it.

Co-writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, producer Steven Spielberg, stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson and many others offer insights into the production and phenomena of the franchise. The documentary, which screened as part of Back to the Future Day celebrations in October last year (a key date in Back to the Future II) provides background on how the production came to be, the reluctance of studios to invest in time travel movies, the filmmaking process, the hiring and firing of Eric Stolz, who was cast as the original Marty, the special effects and the overwhelming reactions of the public. Many great anecdotes are shared by the available cast and crew including an amusing recollection made by Fox involving Princess Diana at the London premiere.

The second half of the documentary deals with the afterlife of the movie and the two sequels it subsequently spawned. Over time it has garnered itself a passionate fan base around the world and the director offers a look into the conventions, merchandising and restoration, by Universal Studios, of the original car. Everybody loves the car.

Cinema 365 notes: "It is hard to watch this and not feel the warm fuzzies inside. We all connect to the trilogy whether we saw it as children or as adults."

Select Films is releasing the DVD February 17.