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Alien Outpost brings action to futuristic invasion


For anyone who has seen the harsh and intimate realities of acclaimed military documentaries such as Restrepo, Jabbar Raisani's Alien Outpost, released through Eagle Entertainment, offers a dystopian sci-fi companion piece about an invasion not of this world. Alien Outpost, which observes the soldiers responsible for protecting the planet, is out on DVD February 17.

In 2021, as a prologue informs us, there was an invasion by an alien race referred to as the Heavies. Known as the First Earth War, the conflict leaves behind thousands of Heavies who battle with soldiers in a DMZ that sprawls across parts of Iran and Afghanistan. A documentary crew ventures out to the area with new recruits where hardened commander Captain Spears and his men are under constant enemy fire at Oupost 37 - the most hostile place on earth.

When a member of the crew disappears during a Heavy ambush, the unit launches a raid deep into enemy territory to rescue him. During the mission, they make a terrifying discovery; the first invasion was only the beginning. Fans of action won't be disappointed by the tracer bullets and bullet ridden combat sequences which are plentiful.

"This first feature by Jabbar Raisani is played out with considerable conviction on the part of its director and the tough-guy cast (led by Rick Ravanello)," notes the Los Angeles Times.

"Co-writer-director Jabbar Raisani has crafted an engrossing faux-documentary filled with realistic action and some wonderful special effects," observes 1NFLUX Magazine.