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Wrecker speeds up a duel on the lost highway


Rialto Films is releasing the highway thriller Wrecker. Directed by Michael Bafaro, with some inspiration from Steven Spielberg's Duel, the movie will be out on DVD January 20.

Anna Hutchison, (Cabin in the Woods) and Andrea Whitburn (Primary) are best friends Emily and Lesley. They are on a road trip from Seattle to Southern California where they will meet up with friends to party. In a red Mustang cruising at 120 miles an hour they reach a stretch of road named "Devil's Pass" and find they are slowed down by a tow truck that refuses to allow the girls to pass.

An incident of road rage turns into a deadly pursuit as the unseen trucker turns to terrorising the women through canyon passages and spectacular winding roads.

Chuck Bowen at Slant Magazine writes "Bafaro employs clever point-of-view shots from the perspective of windshields, intensifying the viewer's immersive unease."