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Archive for December 2015

Archive for December 2015

Poker Night deals a killer hand +


Written and directed by Greg Francis, Poker Night, an independent thriller released by Eagle Entertainment will be out on DVD February 17. Boasting a powerhouse cast that includes the likes of Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) and Titus Welliver (Bosch), the movie follows the descent into ... more

Wrecker speeds up a duel on the lost highway +


Rialto Films is releasing the highway thriller Wrecker. Directed by Michael Bafaro, with some inspiration from Steven Spielberg's Duel, the movie will be out on DVD January 20. Anna Hutchison, (Cabin in the Woods) and Andrea Whitburn (Primary) are best friends Emily and Lesley. They are on a road trip from ... more

Critics laud 60s school drama The Falling +


Vendetta Films is releasing The Falling. A period mystery, written and directed by Carol Morley, the acclaimed film will be available on DVD December 9. Florence Pugh and Maisie Williams (better known as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones) inhabit the roles of students at a strict English girls' school. ... more