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Acclaimed thriller Pod out December


Screening as part of Monster Fest 2015, Mickey Keating's Pod, will receive a Blu-ray and DVD release through Monster Pictures. The suburban thriller, about siblings reuniting in an isolated cabin, is out December 9.

Brother and sister, Ed (Dean Cates) and Lyla (Lauren Ashley Carter), are brought together, after years of estrangement, when a troubling voicemail from their older sibling Martin (Brian Morvant), a combat veteran, asks that they join him in a remote family lake house in upstate Maine. Suffering from what appears to be PTSD, Martin claims to have imprisoned an alien in the basement. Blindsided by Martin's revelation, Ed thinks the supernatural conspiracy is a figment of his unhinged mind although Lyla isn't so certain. Events sharply deteriorate as the siblings argue about the evidence for their brother's insanity and the logic of a government conspiracy.

Keating's follow up to Ritual, a horror film with a growing fan base, explores family dynamics in extremis all the while set to a hyper register of escalating fear and paranoia. Frantically paced, Pod, with its short 76 minute running time, careens forward in a rushing onslaught of hallucinogenic visuals and rapid cuts. Drawing comparisons to The X-Files, The Twilight Zone and William Friedken's Bug, the movie is generating strong reviews from critics.
Having premiered to rousing reviews at SXSW Pod has been commended for its "taut atmospherics" by the Hollywood Reporter. Dread Central notes, "Director Mickey Keating's Pod couldn't lay it out any better for those with a hankerin' for some otherworldly invasion showcasing."

Meanwhile the Austin Chronicle calls Pod "equally enthralling, terrifying and tragic."