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Avenging hooligans blame it on Rio


Written and directed by Paul Tanter, Meet the Firm: Revenge in Rio is a British crime drama set against the backdrop of the 2014 soccer World Cup in Brazil. Rialto Distribution is releasing the DVD November 18.

After the girlfriend of his friend Mike (Nick Nevern) is killed by Russian mobsters, Eddie Hill (Simon Phillips), who narrates this violent and hyper-kinetic tale of testosterone, loyalty and mateship, is in enemy territory enacting vengeance in an assassination attempt that doesn't go to plan. Mike, however, is careless and is shot and killed. Eddie escapes from Russia and upon a meeting with the mysterious Damien (Josh Myers) learns that their mutual enemy will be involved in a major drug deal in Rio de Janeiro for the upcoming World Cup. The two agree to hijack the exchange as a form of ultimate redemption but are soon caught in the middle of drug cartels, corrupt police, local thugs and the underworld.

Shot in Prague, Spain and London, Meet the Firm: Revenge in Rio is a must for fans of The Firm, Green Street Hooligans and ID. It makes up a loose sequel in the White Collar Hooligan trilogy.