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Measured monster movie evokes early M. Night Shyamalan


Eagle Entertainment delivers Dark Was the Night on Blu-ray and DVD. The film, a moody monster movie with a slow burn build, is based on a screenplay by Tyler Hisel and is the sophomoric feature of director Jack Heller. It will be available to buy November 18.

In the remote town of Maiden Woods, a small working class community located in a foreboding wintry clime are besieged by a series of strange events after a logging company decimate part of the nearby forest. Animals have been reported missing and not before long people, too. Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) is a wounded figure, grieving the loss of his son. Meanwhile his deputy (Lucas Haas), who has been transferred from New York, is dealing with his own personal demons. As further unexplainable developments begin to mount the town's people are soon at the mercy of a bloodthirsty creature with the cops as the last line of defence.

An expertly handled first act modulated for maximum tension defines Dark Was the Night. As Shields is begrudgingly dragged into the mystery the solution to the grisly killings just might offer him redemption. Winner of Best Special Effects at ScreamFest the movie has already found swift acceptance among horror writers and fans.

Hollywood Gothique says Dark Was the Night "delivers on genre expectations with craftsmanship and artistry worthy of a wide theatrical release and an embrace by horror fans."

"A horror movie, a creepy and atmospheric and sometimes blood-soaked horror movie," writes Glenn Kenny at, "and it's got a good amount going for it."