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Rushlights brings noir to small town Texas


Young con artists find more trouble than they bargained for in a desert town in the neo-noir Rushlights. Eagle Entertainment makes Antoni Stutz's thriller available on DVD in time for Christmas December 9.

Sarah (Haley Webb from the biopic Patti) discovers her roommate, who she shares a strong resemblance with, overdosed on heroin. Her new squeeze Billy (Josh Henderson) persuades her to assume the dead woman's identity when he learns the deceased was about to inherit money from an uncle. They travel from Los Angeles to Tremo, Texas where the initially pull the wool over the eyes of a lawyer (Aidan Quinn) but his brother the local sheriff (Beau Bridges) sees through the ruse. Soon the false pretences prompt a series of misunderstandings, coincidences and unfortunate outcomes for Sarah and Billy. Their own dubious pasts pale in comparison to the twisted undercurrents of the town.

Featuring eye catching cinematography that captures the smoky and harsh sunlight of the isolated location, Rushlights recalls the acclaimed 90s thrillers like John Dahl's Red Rock West and Oliver Stone's U-Turn. Cinematographer Greg Easterbrook bathes the frame in golden hues, earthy browns and arid notes that underline the mounting sense of dislocation.

"A superb, tense, mind-blowing and well directed thriller," raves INFLUX magazine. "Rushlights is one of the best thrillers I've seen this year and I highly recommend it," recommends Dallas Weekly.

"[The] distinguished cast skilfully showcases their character's flaws and attributes," notes the Examiner adding, "the film overcomes its low budget to boldly showcase the lengths people would go to in order to not only protect and provide for themselves, but those they love as well."