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Christmas comes early with atmospheric Iberian True Detective


Set against the forbiddingly hypnotic landscapes of Andalusia, Marshland, the Spanish-noir directed by Roberto Rodriguez comes replete with an exceptional pedigree of critical notices. Vendetta Films release the DVD December 9.

Teenage sisters have gone missing. A serial killer is on the loose. Landing the case is the dissimilar pair of Madrid detectives, Juan (Javier Gutierrez) and Pedro (Raul Arevalo). Each in his way is lost in the changing political climate. The ornery Juan, a Franco-era cop, whose hard drinking and shoot first ask-questions later ethos is at odds with Pedro, the leftist liberal exiled from his last station for objecting to the rampant corruption. The year is 1980. A white Citroen the girls were last seen getting into leads them south to a community in which they are viewed with suspicion even as they hunt down a killer in the hope of saving the girls.

Rodriguez who co-wrote the screenplay with Rafael Cobos, creates an unsettling mood in which the cops are as much scrutinised, subjects worthy of equal investigation as they set about putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Winner of over 20 international prizes including 10 Goya Awards, Marshland melds the socio-political with the downright suspenseful. The Village Voice calls the film a "meticulously constructed noir."

"Marshland has superb performances," notes the review, "and a heady atmosphere, but its greatest strength is finding resolution while letting the mystery be."

Geoffrey Macnab in the UK Independent agrees. "Lyrical and morbid by turns," he writes, "Marshland is a brooding Spanish film noir with a very strong kick." Leigh Paatsch in the Herald-Sun named it one of his best films of the year. "This multi-award winning drama from Spain ranks as one of the best films of 2015 from a multitude of angles."