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Noe stranger to controversy delivers Love on Blu-ray


After its provocative Cannes Film Festival premiere Love, the latest feature film from enfant terrible Gaspar Noe, is heading to Australia later in the year. Bounty Films has acquired the rights to the explicit sex melodrama and will be releasing it on Blu-ray and DVD on November 18.

Noe doesn't mind courting controversy. The man behind Enter the Void, Irreversible and I Stand Alone returns with a drama that follows the sexual exploits of an American in Paris, chiefly Murphy (Karl Glusman), a filmmaker who wakes up to messages from his ex-girlfriend's mother and this triggers his dormant obsession. Despite having a child with his current girlfriend Omi (Klara Kristin) Murphy still pines for Electra (Aomi Muyock), an artist who he sets about tracking down.

The film opens on an image of mutual masturbation, an omission just as to the nature of the personal themes set up for cinematic exploration by the filmmaker. Indulgence is the rule rather than the exception. Of course there's lots of sex some of it filmed in 3D. The trio try a threesome, attend a swingers club, visit an erotic retailer, even try adding a transvestite for mostly comic relief. But Murphy, who smokes opium at one point and enters a hallucinatory dazed state, can't tame his paramour.

"The colours are gorgeous and the sex is filmed with an erotic abandon that's intermittently sexy, usually from above," writes John Bleasdale in Cine-vue.

"While the sexuality is pushed far too far for mainstream audiences, it's also true that Noe's conception of sentiment and romance pulls the film back from being truly transgressive about its gender or sexuality politics," writes Jessica Kiang in The Playlist.