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Pregnancy comedy out in September for Eagle


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the comedy What to Expect When You're Not Expecting. The Jacob Tierney directed movie from a script by Sonja Bennett, who also stars, is out on DVD September 23.

Originally titled Preggoland, What to Expect When You're Not Expecting takes an outsider's perspective on the circus of motherhood, the societal pressures, the changing value systems, the factors of image and of course the expectations. All this material is mined for satire in the movie as Ruth (Bennett) discovers she doesn't fit in with her circle of female friends as she is broke, single, living at home and working a cashier's job with little prospect. Then one day she is mistaken for being pregnant and she runs with it. Her newfound image comes with benefits.

It also comes with a difficult balancing act and the Mexican janitor at work Danny Trejo is the only one in on the ruse. Friendships are soon strengthened, she becomes attractive to her boss and the favourite of her father (James Caan). But will the red jello hold?

Winner Most Popular Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival, What to Expect When You're Not Expecting was also nominated for five Leo Awards including Best Feature Length Drama, Screenwriting and Lead Performance. Tierney was nominated for an award from the Director's Guild of Canada. The film was named Winner Best Screenplay Fargo Film Festival.

"Bennett and Tierney take the troupe of being a loser in your mid-thirties to ridiculous lengths for moments of both broad humour and affecting sadness," observes Rick Chung in After Dark.

"This treatise on what to expect when you're not expecting offers up biting cultural satire with a hearty dose of humanity and humor to boot," writes Katie Walsh in the Los Angeles Times.

The film also stars Paul Campbell and Laura Harris.