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Wrong Cops the latest comedy from Feature Films


Feature Films, the label responsible for the outrageous sibling comedy Awful Nice, is bringing a new riotous movie out on Blu-ray. Wrong Cops, an irreverent tale of lawless law officers in over their heads will street September 23.

Here's the rub: Officer Duke has a bit of a problem. He accidentally shot a man while holding a teenager captive, and now he's storing the body in the trunk of his car. Luckily Office Duke fits right in with the rest of the local police force, who really couldn't care less about solving crimes and are much more interested in petty theft, blackmailing their colleagues, soliciting prostitutes, sexually harassing the community, and starting careers in electronic music. So they probably aren't going to be all that helpful when it comes to dealing with that body in the trunk anyway, which means Officer Duke may not have that much of a problem after all.

Written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, Wrong Cops stars Mark Burnham, Eric Wareheim, Eric Judor, and Arden Myrin, plays out like National Lampoons action-comedy with dialogue such as "Your words go in my ears, but then they don't make it to the processor." There's plenty of gratuitous shots of big breasts. Only they don't belong to females.

Dupieux putting together a pedigree as a filmmaker. His dognapper comedy Wrong and killer sentient automobile tyre of Rubber set the table for this more focused comedy of errors. "The absurdity is heightened by the intermingling of classic underground movie humor-intentional fakeness, mockery of authority figures that's more bizarre than subversive," writes Ignatiy Vishnevetsky for The AV Club, adding "and Dupieux's crisp, sunny, almost formalist visual sensibility."

"Imagine the cast of Reno 911! except they deal drugs, hide bodies, pose in gay porn mags, and force women to disrobe at gunpoint," observes Adam Patterson in Film Pulse.

Look out for cameos Jonathan Lajoie from TV's The League and Marilyn Manson.