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Time Lapse provides a thrilling take on technology and memory


Now here's a premise: three flatmates crammed into a bungalow discover a deceased neighbour has rigged a camera to take Polaroids that captures 24 hours ahead of time. Time Lapse, is primed for a September 23 release across Blu-ray and DVD. Bounty Films releases through Gryphon Entertainment.

Finn (Matt O'Leary) is a painter devoid of creative ideas. He supports himself as the apartment complex manager where he lives sharing with mothering Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and friend Jasper (George Finn). Checking up on a part time scientist whose experiments may have taken a mortal toll, Finn decides to use the invention for creative and financial gain but when Jasper's turn of luck at the racetrack earns the attention of his bookie and a host of other desirables the glimpses into the future turn disturbing and violent.

An original take on predestination Time Lapse drops us down the rabbit hole and the housemates grow increasingly at odds. Writer-director Bradley King gets fine performances from his cast in a limited location with budgetry constraints and wrings maximum tension from the scenario.

Reviewing the film for Variety Dennis Harvey writes, "A first feature for helmer Bradley King and co-scenarist BP Cooper, Time Lapse works due to both their escalating pileup of well-thought-out complications and credible character psychologies nicely communicated by expert performances."

"This sci-fi thriller has a set-up that begs to be seen" notes the Examiner. "Time Lapse satisfies on various levels whether you're a fan of sci-fi, thrillers, or just some good ol' movie going fun."

Hollywood Reporter: "Bradley King's Time Lapse turns run-of-the-mill roommate friction into a heated mystery with the aid of a machine that takes snapshots of the near future."

Time Lapse will retail for $29.95.