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Independent thriller Duke takes a look at movie fantasy violence


The crime-thriller Duke helmed by sibling directors Anthony and James Gaudioso is getting a DVD release from Vendetta Films. It will be available July 22.

Starring Carmine Giovinazzo, Hank Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Duke follows Dare (Giovinazzo) and Roost (Harris), brothers who have been raised in institutions and taught to trust no one. With a strong bond and survival instinct they move to Los Angeles where Dare moonlights as a detective while Roost becomes a reclusive obsessed by old John Wayne films. When a phantom like criminal known as Winky threatens the community Dare takes it upon himself to hunt him down. Meanwhile Detective Robert Morrison is leading a legitimate investigation to capture Winky which brings him on a colission course with the two brothers who will be forced to make the ultimate commitment.

Duke aims to stretch beyond the stereotypical vigilante justice picture with measurable heart and honest framing of arrested development, codependency, heroic zeal and poetic justice. The movie also features Richard (Shaft) Roundtree.