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Elijah Wood stars as Dylan Thomas in new biopic


Set Fire to the Stars, the acclaimed biopic starring Elijah Wood and Celyn Jones, as the legendary poet Dylan Thomas, is out August 19. It will be receiving a DVD release through Vendetta Films.

The film boasts a strong young cast. It also stars Shirley Henderson (Trainspotting) and Kelly Reilly (True Detective)

The film concentrates on the week Thomas came to the United States in 1950, when he was hosted by poet and literary critic, John Malcolm Brinnin (Wood). The portrait of the same poet a young Robert Zimmermann saw fit to name himself after and whose line "and death has no dominion" has long since entered the literary lexicon is viewed through the eyes of Brinnin and his journey with his hero Dylan Thomas.

Directed by Andy Goddard, who has previously cut his teeth on popular TV shows Downton Abbey and Torchwood, Set Fire to the Stars has been nominated for several awards at international festivals including the Edinburgh Film Festival where it proved a hit with the audience. Shot entirely on location in Swansea, Wales, over 18 days and shot in high contrast black and white, the film makes for an evocative period biopic in the vain of My Week with Marilyn.

"In several scenes, there are moments when Jones is still and either stares deeply at Wood as he speaks or stares off at something only the mind of a poet can visualize," notes Carolina Del Busto in the Miami New Times. "Those moments have such power, those stares such intensity, that you find yourself holding your breath until Jones blinks.