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Alex of Venice Delivers Winning Performances


Vendetta Films is bringing Alex of Venice to DVD. The drama starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a breakout role, Don Johnson and Chris Messina who also directs, is released July 22.

Workaholic attorney Alex (Winstead) is forced to reinvent her life after her husband suddenly leaves. Now faced with the humdrum and sometimes catastrophic events that permeate the fabric of our lives, Alex discovers both a vulnerability and inner strength she had not yet tapped all while trying to hold together her broken family.

A film about starting over, Alex of Venice, offers fine performances from actors allowed the room to develop rich characterisations attuned to the theme of a comfortable family life in sudden upheaval. As Alex sets about reconnecting with her son and dealing with having only ever slept with the one man, her husband, a stoner father (Johnson) long free of parental responsibilities, she discovers the challenges of meeting the expectations she had taken for granted.

Messina who appears in The Newsroom, the Oscar winning Argo and the upcoming Manglehorn here makes his directorial debut. The Seattle International Film Festival where the film premiered, awarded Messina with the New American Cinema Award.

Chuck Bowen at Slant Magazine calls it "a romantic daydream that casts a lovely spell." Rodrigo Perez writing for The Playlist was equally impressed. "Well-intentioned and intimate, Alex Of Venice has its heart in the right place," he observes. "[I]ts pains and struggles might be small stakes and personal, but they're very genuine, relatable and universal."

Ronny Scheib of Variety writes: "The pleasures of well-observed characters and small epiphanies are undeniable, and Alex of Venice, actor Chris Messina's directing debut, is amply supplied with both, thanks to Mary Elizabeth Winstead's extraordinary performance: Registering profound shocks with slight ripples rather than big emotions, she quietly commands attention."