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Monster ends winter with prime cut horror slate


In August Monster Pictures brings to market two highly anticipated features. Julia, a neo-noir revenge thriller of shadowy urban atmospherics and the supernatural horror Muck will receive first releases on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia and New Zealand.

Having premiered at Monster Fest in 2014, Julia, directed by Matthew A. Brown takes a radical look at lost identities and dealing with trauma. The titular character is a medical student trying to find her feet in the dating scene of New York when she is date raped by her host and a group of his friends. Undergoing an unorthodox form of treatment to find herself again Julia is recommended by her psychiatrist a carefully monitored and structured revenge which quickly yields horrific results.

Featuring Ashley C. Williams, Tahyna Tozzi and Jack Noseworthy, Julia is defined by top notch performances and its assured expressionistic mood making it an independent horror creating buzz among aficionado horror fans having already drawn comparisons to Abel Ferrara's MS. 45.

Aint it Cool News calls Julia a "very cool, confident debut from Mr. Brown," and observes" There's no irony or cuteness here, just a vicious, raw portrayal of a woman cut off from morality by a life of victimization."

Directed by Steve Wolsh and starring Jaclyn Swedberg, Kane Hodder and Lauren Francesca, Muck follows five friends stranded in a remote homestead after they are set upon by a group of killers. Bruised and bloody, their only hope is send out one of the group to find help, but time is running out and death is coming - will there be anybody left to save when help arrives?

With its tongue-in-cheek, the movie offers splatter humour, a litany of injokes, Kane Hodder a/k/a Jason Vorhees and plenty of buxom eye candy to satisfy most post-modern horror tastes.

Monster is also releasing onto DVD From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl, think Million Dollar Baby as a horror movie.

All titles will be available August 19.