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The Harvest marks long awaited return for John McNaughton


John McNaughton, the director behind Wild Things and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, returns after a lengthy absence, with The Harvest. The Hollywood Reporter calls it a "classy comeback" and on August 19 you'll be able to find out why thanks to Feature Films who are bringing out the moody thriller on Blu-ray and DVD.

A married couple, Katherine (Samantha Morton) and Richard (Michael Shannon) both with medical backgrounds care for their sick son Andy (Charlie Tahan), who lives secluded in a controlled environment contained to a wheelchair and afflicted by a mysterious illness. The emasculated Richard has quit his job to care for his son while Katherine tends to her practice during the day.The relationship is suffering as a result. Katherine, however, obsesses over the boy to the point she shelters him from proper rehab and other people. This all changes when Maryann (Natasha Calis), a girl who moves in with her grandparents next door to Andy.

Nominated Audience Choice Award Chicago International Film Festival and a hit a genre festivals where it has impressed moviegoers and juries, The Harvest brings together an impressive cast that in addition to Shannon and Morton includes Peter Fonda and Meadow Williams.

"Nothing about the circumstances revealed in The Harvest could be called normal, and yet it's a credit to a fertile imagination that the film proves so terrifyingly relatable," writes Peter Debruge in Variety.

Nikola Grozdanovic reviewing the film in The Playlist applauds the subverted codes and genre hybridisation at play in the enthralling low key thriller. "John McNaughton's return after too many years of absence is a dark look at the nature of overprotective parenthood, and how volatile it can become under particularly difficult circumstances," he writes. "With that said, you'd do well not to take The Harvest too seriously but more, like its deliciously simple and 70s B-movie horror title suggests, as a wickedly fun time" .