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Glass Doll Films resurrects forgotten exploitation thrillers


Looking for strong sexual content and violence shot through the grainy hue of a 1970s camera lens? Look no further than Bonnie's Kids and Centerfold Girls a pair of upcoming releases from Glass Doll Films. These resurrected exploitation thrillers released in 1973 get a rare Blu-ray release July 22.

When puritanical beliefs go bad: that goes someway to describing the essence of John Peyser's Centerfold Girls which spotlights a depraved religious fanatic on a quest to punish the women he perceives as immoral for posing nude for men's magazines. Andrew Prine is the killer who stalks the three profiled victims.

Made on a shoestring budget of less than $200,000, Centerfold Girls features a strong cast and expert direction from a TV veteran Peyser, and demonstrates a moody atmosphere akin to early Abel Ferrara and Luci Fulci when working abroad.

Bonnie's Kids from Arthur Marks is a more conventional rape-revenge scenario with feminist undertones. Sisters Myra and Ellie flea their perverse stepfather when he tries to molest Myra and she responds by blowing him away with a shotgun.The escape to a wealthy uncle's mansion in El Paso where they undergo a sudden liberated transformation and commence indulging their wilder instincts. From this point the movie takes of.

Agreeing to a bag drop for her uncle with a private detective Ellie and the PI instead take off with the money her uncle's goons in hot pursuit. With echoes of Roger Corman and cashing in on Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie's Kids offers mayhem and murder and remains a drive-in classic.

In Unknown Movies Keith Bailey observes of Bonnie's Kids"It must have knocked the socks off drive-in patrons at the time, so it's kind of curious why it's forgotten today. Not only is it a drive-in classic, it can also be considered important in American film history."